What's your favorite romantic Comedy?

Ooofff. Tough one.  God, that's so hard.  I might have to do it by decade. 1930's - I would say a tie between It Happened One Night and Bringing Up Baby. In the 40's, The Shop Around the Corner.  The 50's for some reason were a terrible decade for the romcom, I would have to go Italian with Bread, Love and Jealousy.  The 60's - The Apartment, man, I love that movie. 70's Harold and Maude (hand's down best), 80's - Better Off Dead.  90's,  Maybe Chasing Amy?, wait, is Joe vs. The Volcano a romantic comedy? I guess that's more of a Faustian Odyssey with a romcom sub-plot.  First decade of the millennium, Punch-Drunk Love or Wall-E. This decade so far I would say Silver Linings Playbook.

Who's your favorite historical character?

I have two: Lorenzo de Medici and August Strindberg.  

Favorite treasure legend?

Oak Island.  But I was obsessed with it before the history channel show. Ask my wife.


"I'm your huckleberry." Doc Holiday played by Val Kilmer in Tombstone.  Actually all his lines in that movie are my favorite.  "Daisy, if ya do!" and "There's no normal life, Wyatt, just life, and you gotta get out there and live it."

If you could only have one food for the rest of your life what would it be?

Easy.  Burrito.