Our concept is to focus on three criteria: high quality stories which are socially relevant and commercially viable.  In this way we entertain, grow businesses and continue to make the world a better place.  Please enjoy some of favorite projects below


Written by Claire McClanahan, CARBON is a genre-breaking feature length drama about ambition, love, and human cloning. Lauren cannot accept her daughter’s unexpected death and, as an accomplished scientist, decides she doesn’t have to. Over the course of one fateful year she mixes love and loss with invention and determination to find life and healing. But will anyone get the results they were hoping for?


Carbon is a recipient of Big Vision Empty Wallet’s Kickstart Diversity Program! The program encourages diversity in storytelling at the independent level by supporting projects written, directed, and/or produced by Women, People of Color and Members of the LGBTQ Community. Through the program, we will receive 15-75% discounts from vendors nationwide for everything from camera rentals to sound design to deliverables to marketing, which will allow us to save money through all stages of production and give you, the investor, more bang for your buck. The program also offers exclusive access to education and distribution opportunities, that will aid us in building and activating our audience.

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When two young fashion models, STINE and CLAIRE, in their late twenties, get out of a rehab, they buy a lottery ticket.  Only problem is they WIN. Big time.

And the first thing you do when you win the lottery is bust open a shamelessly expensive bottle of champagne, but they can’t. They’re sober.

Oh, they are really, really tempted… to do much more than bust open some champagne.  But they resist by coming up with a plan.

If they can keep themselves engaged with the good things in life - they just might be able to stay on the straight and narrow. Just getting high on life, if you will.

And since these are intelligent women with big hearts AND wallets, the first thing they do is set up a philanthropic organization which will allow them to explore and support the world’s most socially relevant charities and issues.  And because they can’t help being fabulous, they will “live to give” with their inherent sense of adventure, style and panache. 

Everyday is a test, but their new life direction has given them a life affirming sense of purpose and meaning.  By trying to save the world, they are saving themselves.